Percorsi urbani – tridimensional works

Video installation
“Percorsi urbani”


Galleria Bianconi, Milano
September 28 РOctober 28 2017

laser cutted plexiglass and steel spheres
30x30x5 cm



Pachinko is a game whose peculiar characteristic and source of amusement seems to be unpredictability. In reality, chance is limited to a continuous binary movement of the falling metal balls- left or right. The amount of forks, although imposed and programmed, creates the perception of an “unpredictable” therefore engaging system. The real nature of this type of games is the repetition of our movements, making them, in fact, alienating. The system is actually really simple and doesn’t allow for any intervention if not through few, limited, and repetitive choices.

We live our city in the same way. That is, we believe we can use it freely when in reality our interventions upon it, our movements, our itineraries are limited to a few, simple, reiterative choices defined by very rigid schemes.

The only way to be able to move freely and therefore own the city, disregard the dictated schemes, is to do so through mental, rather than physical schemes.


Tridimensional works show these two experential aspects through two levels of reading: the spheres in the laser cutted structure that describes preordained urban itineraries and the handmade engraved paths that represent the possibility to use the city without conditioning.


Lucio La Pietra