…ma l’amor mio non muore

Biennale d’arte di Filicudi 2012

Scala di grigio
Chiostro di Saronno
October 22 – December 17 2017

“…ma l’amor mio non muore”
it is a story of a journey, a private route to Filicudi it is a way back to a wild and peaceful nature, a landscape that is slowly going to be surrounded and invaded.Filicudi island is reproduce by a plastic material in the center of a painting. The model is animated by a micro projection modelled on its shape.On the island surface are projected images of a quite nature: a night, the slowly dance of a branch. This quite and private landscape is a contrast with the projection on sea around the island.The sound created by the artist, mixing natural noises and music, underlining a lost and tragic destiny of this journey. When the ship touches the ground the music becomes thunderous and mysterious and bright ants invade the island running around.The ants as sparks, infect the intimate nature of the island. They destroy the environment with a extraordinary explosion.The artwork tells about a gloomy journey to the loss of innocence. The loss of a real place as the loss of the memory of a pure beauty. “… ma l’amor mio non muore” represents the paradox of a beauty that we cannot preserved.

Paola Caravati