M9 – The museum of the 20th century

Mestre, Venice


Video contents project and production of three interactive installations
in collaboration with dotdotdot


Lucio La Pietra: artistic and video production director
Gamera s.r.l.: post production
Amatita Studio: graphic and animation

Thanks to: Giulia Bombelli


M9 Credits:
A project by Fondazione di Venezia,
created by Polymnia Venezia
CEO: Valerio Zingarelli
Director: Marco Biscione
Design coordination: Studio Grisdainese
Multimedia systems: Mosaico Group
Graphic Design and Corporate Image: CamuffoLab
Design of 
the different sections of the museum:
 Dotdotdot, Carraro Lab, Clonwerk–Limiteazero, Karmachina–Engeneering Associates
and Nema FX.


Photos by: Filippo Bamberghi