chiaroscuro – rising Raffaello

Video installation: “chiaroscuro – rising Raffaello”

My contribution to Raffaello’s 500th-anniversary is an installation that gives Raffaello’s most famous portraits new volumes and new spatial parameters, however starting from the shadows and lights of the paintings themselves.

I gave a new tridimensionality to Raffaello’s works using the chiaroscuro of the paintings as a parameter of spatial modification.

Thanks to this new dimension of these works I was able to show, for the first time ever, Raffaello’s paintings from a new point of view: the side one; obtaining spectacular landscapes.

The installation is composed of a video loop with 16 animated portraits, and 16 printed pictures showing the side views of the paintings becoming landscapes.

Raphael’s portraits in order of appearance:
1 Angelo Doni
2 La Gravida
3 Bindo Altoviti
4 Self Portrait
5 Self Portrait
6 Guidobaldo da Montefeltro
7 Elisabetta Gonzaga
8 Ritratto Virile
9 Maddalena Strozzi
10 La Muta
11 Baldessarre Castiglione
12 Dama col Liocorno
13 Giovane Cardinale
14 La Fornarina
15 La Bella
16 Papa Giulio II